What We Are All About

We understand the challenges of operating in international markets.  With insights into global policy, and on the ground experience in a range of business and political environments, A.A. Amador Associates helps inform and guide strategic planning, assessing risks and evaluating opportunities.  We work with our clients to:

  • Analyze investment climates and develop market entry strategies
  • Identify and evaluate partners and conduct due diligence
  • Achieve your goals in taxation efficiency, wealth preservation, and asset protection.
  • Successfully navigate regulatory approval proceedings
  • Resolve complex disputes
  • Protect your income and assets from the inquisitive and inquisitorial bureaucracy, and enhance growth by lifting the burden of taxation – safely, securely, and confidentially.
  • Preservation and protection of assets.
  • Tax and estate planning using offshore structures
  • Incorporation of made to order companies - Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Western Samoa, Liberia, Brunei and all other major offshore jurisdictions.
  • Provision of shelf companies
  • Provision of registered office and/or correspondence address
  • Provision of trustees, nominee directors and shareholders
  • Provision of Company Secretary who will prepare notices, minutes, and certificates, keep official corporate records in order, and coordinate matters with outside professionals
  • Compliance with statutory requirements and filing of statutory returns
  • Opening and administration of bank accounts in Hong Kong

We help our clients navigate rapidly evolving market environments and maximize the value of their engagement efforts, to manage policy risks and secure opportunities.  We specialize in:

  • Assisting clients set up structures (in Hong kong or in Manila) that enable them to be fiully operational
  • Providing add on services, so clients can focus on the activities they choose to focus on
  • Putting in place efficient structures that ensure client’s comfort and confidentiality

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